LCARS home automation with Arduino and Raspberry PI: QT redesign

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Hi there, it’s a long time since I uploaded my last video. The design of my last LCARS home automation was realized via HTML, PHP and C. Since my knowledge o…
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This video is a demonstration of the current progress of my Raspberry Pi garage door project. I am using this RPi to control my garage door from my mobile ph…
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  1. Vik Grj says:

    This looks great! I’m interested in the code very much. I’m an engineer for automation, mostly worked with PLC’s and SCADA,HMI for lots of years. Now i’m oriented on Controllers motion. With CoDeSyS . I’m getting into Arduino and Raspberry only now and my knowledge is basic for now. But i have Linux knowledge and i’m electronic as well :D Maybe we can work together for some things. My mail is: viktor.g @ tecnosweet-srl . com . Please contact me

  2. Carter Cole says:


  3. 41088avl01 says:

    That kicks ass.

    Side note what do you think of JJ Abrahams directing the 2 new star trek movies and crossing over to the dark side to direct the new star wars movies. Isnt that like going to a sci fi convention as a klingon jedi?

  4. SectorZeroOne says:


  5. Edi Klainer says:

    Forgot to leave my email:

  6. Edi Klainer says:

    Fantastic design and implementation! A beauty no doubt! way to go.
    I’m a Electronics Engineer. PM me or email me if you’d like to see if we can do something interesting together on your project.
    I also have experience in coding for Arduino and Processing(.org) so we will get along nicely I believe :)

  7. Mike Herbst says:

    Hut ab – chapeau!!!! Jetzt noch mit Touchscreen …. dann ist es perfekt!

  8. farmsidney says:

    fantastic integration.

  9. bitmonkey64 says:

    very nice work.

  10. Tom Kirby says:

    This is too much geek for me at 8:30AM(GMT) Raspberry Pi, Arduino and star trek UI’s! I’m in love!!

  11. tmpEngine says:

    there’s no wifi/ethernet with just arduino.. if you buy its wifi shield it would cost lost more than the raspbery, with less computing power..

  12. Intelligarage iGx says:

    # INTELLIGARAGE IGX IntelliDevice #

    We have all been listening and watching to these videos for a while now and wonder if some company can comeup with a truely independent version of device and smartphone applications which can work with any make and model of these garage door openers.

    You are highly encouraged to visit our CHANNEL or visit the website for more information.

  13. S1RGX says:

    Good lad!! – Great work!! – the world would be a better place if it was full of more people like you! :0) – looking forward to future projects.

  14. N3onTheW0lf says:

    Why not use an Arduino? Cheaper, easier, more common

  15. thunderbolt997 says:

    YOU BIG PILE OF LOVE!!! you look a nice guy

  16. kyrio addin says:

    hye stpehen, may i know what type of script do u use for the gpio controlling the relay board? is it python? can u share the script or the schematic layout. thanks for ur in information. im newbie here for raspberry pi project.

  17. benlacey09 says:

    That is awesome! You’ll be pleased to know Seceuroglide have a new control panel that allows you to operate the garage door from your smartphone using their app. I don’t think it has the capabilities to open on connect of the wifi but I love how you’ve done that – great job.

    We got our roller garage door from using the old panel but its still great.

  18. iRouRoui says:

    very nice man, i wish i had a garage so i can build something like this lol

  19. Stephen Mason says:

    I can still use the original remote(s). The pi is acting as an additional, hard wired, control.

  20. Stephen Mason says:

    The raspberry pi’s gpio controls a relay board. This relay board short-circuits specially designed terminals on the garage door control unit that, depending on the terminals shorted, open/close/stop the operation of the door.

    It is NOT directly connected to the motor.

  21. mashithah hafefah says:

    hye stephen, if im using this for my auto gate, its mean i can’t use the real remote control after integrate with the rpi rite?i just can use with the mobile application rite?

  22. Stephen Mason says:

    Hi Juan,

    The Android application is developed with the Android Software Development Kit, from the Android Developers site. I have put a link in the video description.

    This is available as either a plugin for the Eclipse IDE or, the ADT bundle contains an Eclipse distribution with ADT pre-installed for use.


  23. mashithah hafefah says:

    hye stepen…great job.. my final project is raspberry pi gate control using android application. i wanna ask u aybe a stupid question,is the gpio that controlling the moto of the garage? and is the wiring gpio that connected with the garage moto?i dun understand the connection between the Rpi and the moto of the garage. hope u will reply. thanks a lot.

  24. Juan Francisco says:

    Hello, would you mind telling me how or where did you develope your mobile app? I´m trying to build a similar ptoject, I want to control a sprinkler from my mobile phone, but I just cant find where to develope the app. I will appreciate your help. thanks a lot

  25. Stephen Mason says:

    Thanks for your feedback. The communication between client’s and Pi’s is through the XMPP/Jabber protocol. There is an instant messaging server running on the Pi itself. However, these messages are structured commands that are sent to the Pi’s client and tells it to do something.

    So, authentication and message encryption (SSL/TLS) is handled by the XMPP server, I am using ejabberd. As long as the client can authenticate with this server, it can send commands to a Pi.

    Future: Inter-Pi comms.

  26. aran large says:

    Great job! love the auto open idea, very simple yet brilliant!
    I do have one question though, as it will open on the wifi connection, is the pi setup listening for just the one ‘client’ ( your mobile – via a specific mac address or whatever) or is this configured to allow any android device running the app to also connect and use the auto open feature? I’m thinking of a shared household situation where so long as you have the app and permissions to connect to the required network, your in :)

  27. Stephen Mason says:

    The application I created uses a broadcast receiver that listens for WiFi network changes ( When the phone connects to one of my WiFi hotspots it automatically connects and sends the open command in the background.

  28. MarkleZephire says:

    open on connect. awesome. is that standard or do you do the coding for that?

  29. mokko211 says:

    Brilliant idea!

  30. logzy72 says:

    I like it and its exactly what id like to do. Do you have a tutorial or blog on the project with the RPi app and Android app.

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