Raspberry Pi – Using the Pi Store…

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In this tutorial I show you how to use the Pi Store… A brand new app store for your Raspberry Pi. I explain what the Pi Store is… How to use it and some …
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  1. RichGames10 says:

    Can u use xbmc w/ a wifi dongle

  2. TheRaspberryPiGuy says:

    Thanks…. But why did you say this?! Did I not make something clear?

  3. 1morestranger says:

    How to get the downloaded applications to work
    Open the file storage (i can’t remember the name)
    Navigate to /usr/local/bin/
    Click on the file there.
    Navigate to the app you want to open.
    Click on full.
    Find the main sub file that will run the app (trial and error)
    Good luck


    excuse me, when i try to download any app from the store. it always says that it has installed it the bottom or the screen. on the terminal, it always says ” the application (name of the app) could not successfully be installed. ”
    could you help be by telling me what it means and some ways that we can try to fix our pi store?
    thank you for your time. Ryan

  5. TheRaspberryPiGuy says:

    Not to mention none existent!

  6. TheRaspberryPiGuy says:

    Not really… As long as the program has backwards compatibility with ARM v7 then it should be fine… Otherwise that’s a no!

  7. Terry McKinnon says:

    An x86 emulator for the RPi? It would be glacially slow -;)

  8. TheRaspberryPiGuy says:

    Hello! I would recommend installing the newest version of Raspbian on to your SD card again… There have been a few known bugs with the older builds and some of them include the Pi store… Tell me if it works!

  9. brendon pettit says:


    i am able to download the apps from the pi store, i also have an account for this as well, however,whenever i go to find the apps i cant find them, or when i press launch from the pi store the apps will not run. what am i doing wrong?!!!

  10. TheWarlord674 says:

    If you can find a program called Wine which will work on Raspbian :)

  11. RoyalsRP says:

    That’s what I thought, thanks.

  12. miloull says:

    No, exe is windows not debian.

  13. TheRaspberryPiGuy says:

    Try uninstalling it and installing it again?

  14. Salem BA says:

    The pi store is not working for me, it opens up but I can’t sign in or create an account…
    Do you know how to fix it ?

  15. RoyalsRP says:

    This isn’t related to the app store really but, I’ve still been trying to figure this out: is there a way to just run a normal exe on this raspberry pi?

  16. TheRaspberryPiGuy says:

    TBH I am not completely sure! Try downloading and installing the Operating System onto the SD card again… Tell me if it works!

  17. UsefulDoor says:

    Whenever I try to do anything, my cpu goes up to about 100%. Why is this?

  18. TheRaspberryPiGuy says:

    I do not think that would be necessary! All I had to do was plug it in the Pi’s USB port! Thanks for the suggestions though!

  19. Patrick Trivett says:

    Seriously? Where have you got stuck?

  20. Patrick Trivett says:

    What error?

  21. WhoAtethePi says:

    my pi wont update

  22. WhoAtethePi says:

    can u do a video about how to set up an external hardrive on the raspberry pi

  23. TheRaspberryPiGuy says:

    Well said!

  24. TheRaspberryPiGuy says:

    George… Then I suggest going to your local bakery and purchasing a strawberry pie… May i suggest a strawberry tart? They are my personal favourite …

  25. TheRaspberryPiGuy says:

    I can’t wait as well! Its gonna be awesome!

  26. dayworkhard says:

    hey. great video i also made one project based on Raspberry Pi. i will upload the video later :) if you want see, then just visit my channel , cheers!

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